Sean Hick
District:  South
Term Expires:  2024
Call Sean

County Supervisor Liaison,  Facility Rentals, Grounds Coordinator, ATM Coordinator

FAIR:  Carnival, Wood Carver, Trash & Manure Management, Flag Raising Ceremony

Jeramy Marean
Vice President
District: South
Term Expires:  2025
Call Jeramy

South Arena Supervisor, South Arena Ticket Organizer, North Track Beer Barn Organizer, Pit Gate, Campground Superintendent

FAIR: Rodeo & South Arena Events, Saw Dust & Bedding, Bags Tournament & Fire, Security and Ambulance Organizer

Mike Pitzen
District: At Large
Term Expires:  2023
Call Mike

Waste and Portable Restroom Contracts, Car/Boat Winter Storage Supervisor, Licensing & Insurance Supervisor, Fiscal Year Reporting

FAIR:  4-H Dinner, Bingo

Sherry James
District: North
Term Expires: 2024
Call Sherry

County Supervisor Liaison, Camper Winter Storage Supervisor,  Fair Board Election, Fair District Representative, Race Payouts, Campground Liaison

FAIR: Flag Raising Ceremony, 4-H Pie Auction,  4-H Silent Auction, Fireworks Contract & Permit

Andy Hick
District:  At Large
Term Expires:  2023
Call Andy

South Arena Beer Barn Organizer, ETix Liaison

FAIR: Fair Camping Superintendent, Tent Order & Setup, Evening Band Coordinator, Pedal Pull, Bill Riley Talent Show

Jeff Wynn
District: North
Term Expires: 2025
Call Jeff

North Track Assistant, Remote Control Car Track Supervisor, Fire, Security & Ambulance Organizer, ATM Coordinator

FAIR: Critter Corner & Pony Rides

Brad Christensen
District: At Large
Term Expires:  2023
Call Brad

South Arena Supervisor, Livestock Scale Use & Certification, Livestock Barn Maintenance, North Track Assistant

FAIR: Rodeo & South Arena Events Supervisor, Saw Dust & Bedding

Heather Rowe
District:  North
Term Expires: 2024
Call Heather

Grant Writing, Food Vendor Contracts & Permitting,  Website Manager

FAIR:  Center Stage Contracts, Pony Rides, Baby Contest, Vendor Supervisor

Eric Morman
District: North
Term Expires: 2025
Call Eric

Concrete Bathroom Supervisor, Grounds Coordinator, South Arena Beer Barn Organizer

FAIR: Fair Camping Superintendent, Carnival, Pedall Pull

Jordan Travis
District: At Large
Term Expires: 2023
Call Jordan

Sponsorship Program Organizer, Marketing & Advertising, Facebook &  Website Manager, Weekly Volunteer Night Organizer, ETix Liaison

FAIR: Fair Layout for Vendors/Displays/Entertainment, Bingo, Queen Contest, 4-H Dinner

Ben Heyer
District: South
Term Expires: 2025
Call Ben

South Arena Gate Organizer, Concrete Bathroom Supervisor, North Track Beer Barn Organizer

FAIR: Bags Tournament

Gary Mash
District: North
Term Expires: 2025
Call Gary

Remote Control Car Track Supervisor, North Track Supervisor, Race Banquet & Trophies, Grounds Coordinator

FAIR: Fireworks Contract & Permit, Trash Removal Supervisor

Ashley Zika
District: At Large
Term Expires: 2023
Call Ashley

Camper Winter Storage, IPACT Liaison, Facebook Manager, Marketing & Advertising, Youth Committee Liaison, Fair Board Apparel Ordering, Weekly Volunteer Night Organizer

FAIR: Evening Band Contracts, Supply Coordinator

Marty Radke
District: South
Term Expires: 2024
Call Marty

North Track Assistant, Scale Use & Certification, Livestock Barn Maintenance, Car/Boat Winter Storage, Extension Office Repair & Maintenance, Entertainment Plaza Manager

FAIR: Antique Tractor Display, Carnival Supervisor

District: North
Term Expires:



The Dallas County Fair Wins the 2022 Blue Ribbon Award

The award was presented to the Fair’s Board of Directors at the association’s 2022 conference and annual meeting, held Dec. 9-11 at the Airport Holiday Inn in Des Moines. The Dallas County Fair was chosen to receive the award from all the Fairs in the association’s South Central District.

“One member fair in each of the Association’s six fair districts in Iowa is presented this award each year,” said Thomas Barnes, executive director of the Association of Iowa Fairs. “The fair that receives this award must have shown progress in providing service to the youth programs in their community, plus shown distinguished service the community in both the fair and interim events. My wife, Sue, and I have visited the Dallas County Fair in Adel several times over the past years, and we found it does indeed serve very well the community as outlined in the guidelines of this award.”

Barnes thanked the Dallas County Fair Board along with the Dallas County 4-H program, area FFA Chapters and all the area volunteers who are involved with the county fair and whose combined efforts resulted in the Blue Ribbon Fair Award.

“The Board of Directors of the Association of Iowa Fairs would like to extend its sincere appreciation to the Dallas County Fair Board and their spouses for their commitment to their Fair, and to the fair industry in Iowa.” he said.


Please contact the fair board members for event details and media access questions for any upcoming events

Dallas County Fair Association
28057 Fairground Rd,  PO Box 71
Adel, IA  50003
Phone: 515-993-3728